The Process of Switching to Solar Energy

1. How to get started

     Switching to solar energy is an easy and fun process, most people have never been through the process so they are not exactly sure how to start. The easiest way to get started is to give us a call so we can ask some basic questions about your home and historical electricity usage with this information we will look your home up with Google Maps and make sure your home in right for solar energy based on roof space shade and direction of sun exposure. Once we know your home is a good candidate for solar energy we will start to design a system that meets your wants and needs. We will also schedule a time for us to come to your home and go over the system in person. After we have all the information we need we can move forward with the solar energy system design. On the day of the appointment, we will arrive with a proposal that goes over the exact equipment and system we built for your home. During our meeting, we will take a look at your electrical panel to verify its condition. Some homes have multiple system options depending on what your goal is. After we have gone over all the solar energy system options we will answer any and all questions you have. We feel it's important you understand everything you want to before we move on to.

2. Ready to switch to solar energy

     Once you are ready to move forward we will start collecting the necessary documents and contracts for the option you have decided to move forward with. We will start by running a soft credit check to make sure you meet the requirements to move forward with the option you have chosen. After you are approved we will send electronic contracts for you to review and sign via DocuSign. This process is done at your pace and can be done in less than one hour. After we have gathered all the required documents, our office team will get started on the process of getting all permits needed as well as starting the paperwork process with your electricity company and ordering your equipment. This process is all done for you as part of switching to solar energy.

3. Installation

     After we have received all permits and equipment we will call to schedule your install. We finish most home solar energy system installation in 2 days, your homes install time will depend on the system size and the particulars of your home. On the morning of the installation, our solar energy crew will arrive at your project and start preparing your home. The installation crew will need access to your attic in order to run the solar energy system wiring. Unlike other companies, we make sure to take the time to do a clean attic wiring installation we feel that by running all possible wires via attic access the overall system aesthetic is nicer than the systems that have exposed conduit mounted in plain sight on your roof. On the day of your install, you will be visited by your sales professional. We will make sure are happy and comfortable with our installation and the installation crew. 

4. After installation

     Once we have finished your installation we will schedule the final inspection process. Every city has a slightly different process but the overall concept is the same, a city inspector will verify the installation process to ensure everything is correct and up to code. Once the final inspection is finished we will finalize paperwork with your electricity company.  Once all paperwork is finished we will be given permission to operate your solar energy system, the system will be turned on and you have now made the switch to solar energy. Your home will now run on the energy the system produces as well as sell any extra power your system makes back to the electricity company!